Ed Gearke is a self-taught artist who, since childhood has employed pastel drawing as a means for revealing his observations of the world around him. For most of his life, however, art was relegated to a peripheral status. As Gearke entered his forties, he felt an urgent calling to pursue his art more diligently. In 1986 he began to lease studio space at the Blue Star complex in San Antonio. Regular contact with other artists and intensive studio sessions impelled him on an exhaustive search for meaning through art. Gearke is most profoundly inspired by his surrounding environment and has chosen people and landscapes as his primary subjects. The artists objective is to forge a connection between himself and the viewer. His drawings are vehicles for expressing the moods these subjects instill in him and initiating a dialogue with the audience. The artist employs pastel primarily for the ” hands-on” approach it allows. He appreciates the ability to propel the medium naturally with his hands and fingers. Gearke enjoys the immediacy of its results and the casual ease with which it delineates form, color, light and shadow. Pastel is as unassuming as the artist himself; with it, he is directly able to handle his medium and control every mark.

Margaret Gillham,
Art Museum of South Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas